Makeup is not a new trend but has been with us for many years. Women used makeup to make themselves look more beautiful. The idea of using natural items like flower petals, seeds, etc., was great, these, when found were crushed, mixed, and applied to achieve a variety of makeup looks.

Makeup used to be dangerous and continuous application caused great damage to the skin. This was due to the harsh and poisonous ingredients used in making the products.

Today however, (thank goodness!) companies go through clinical testing and use better ingredients in product formulation. We can now safely put on our favorite makeup products with no worries. As if that’s not enough, some come with skincare benefits!

Makeup isn’t totally bad for your skin, but it can cause problems if you practice unhealthy makeup habits. Developing a simple skincare routine will help create a safe environment for your skin. Even though these are simple tips, they’ll help save you from unwanted skin conditions like acne, aging, dry or oily skin.

We have come a long way in application. From Popular Egyptian style, medieval looks from the Elizabethan era, bright and bold looks from the 90s to today, where we have a never ending array of makeup styles to choose from Emo, to Glam, to Natural makeup and the list goes on and on.           

Makeup used to be viewed as a field solely for women, but today, some men have defied the odds and made makeup acceptable as a profession and muse as well. Mostly in films and tv sets, the makeup brush is never far from the male talent. Though some may not be glam looks like it is for most women, male grooming has finally come to be acceptable, and it is here to stay.

In the 21st century, makeup has become a part of our daily lives. Going to an event? You put on makeup. Day of celebration? You slap on a good glam topped with your favorite lip shade. TV? be sure to know the talents have makeup on set. And of course, I did glam up before stepping out for date night. 

Some may wonder why put on makeup in the first place. There is not one but many reasons. It all has to do with the person behind the mirror, with a makeup brush in hand and product in the other.

• It helps enhance your beautiful features.

 • It Can Increase Your Self-Esteem.

 • It Can Help You Achieve a Variety of Looks.

 • To cover blemishes 

 • It’s Easy to Apply.

 • It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth!

Among many others.

So, when you put on your makeup, remember you are partaking in history, the history of makeup. We have come a long way, and we have a longer way to go. Like a treasure box with never-ending treasures to find.

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